Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Red-fleshed apple
For years, maybe centuries, the red apple has stood as the emblem of everything from goodness to sin. The red apple is a stand in for desire as well as the nickname for New York City (OK, it is the "Big Apple" but everyone knows it is a decidedly red apple and no Granny Smith). Now comes news from the UK (by way of Switzerland) that apple breeder Markus Kobelt has lovingly developed a red-skinned and red-fleshed apple called the Redlove Era.

Unlike the white flesh you may have grown accustomed to, the Redlove Era has a sort of reddish-pink marbled flesh (with a bit of white flesh thrown in for the sake of contrast) and as a result (maybe not a direct result) the Redlove Era (an alleged cross-pollination of Royal Gala and Braeburn apples) has a higher antioxidant content (there still exists a bit of mystery around this particular variety). Another key selling point for this red apple is that the flesh purportedly doesn't go brown after being sliced and left out in the open. Also, the Redlove Era is supposedly sweet, tangy and amazingly delicious.

The sad news is that, while UK shoppers can look forward to biting the Redlove in the coming months, we Americans, hungry for red flesh, may have to wait a year or longer for the import. For those of you that are enormously curious (or impatient) and just can't wait for a taste, you could order a sapling and possibly grow your own.

Redlove Era apples are being marketed by Suttons in the UK, and will hopefully make their U.S. debut in the coming year. 


anon1337 said...

Nice, i'll look out for these when they come out, thanks for letting us know. Feels good to be British!

Oxygen for Everyone! said...

I'd rather wait. I support locally grown produce, not apples that were shipped half way across the earth so they look redder.

Willow said...

Ah, the taste of genetic mutations lol.