Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

i love genius people

check out this image and let your life be awesome. sometimes the simplest pictures make the biggest difference in our lives.

zombie tinkerbell? yea, youre screwed. good luck trying to run away from that. haha. i love halloween.

Friday, October 29, 2010

What the hell is the 'internet' anyways?!?

this morning as i was going through my daily rituals, my mind began ponder the intricacies of the vessel i use to provide myself with my normal intake of arguments, observations, reviews, viral videos, memes, and whatever else the internet has spawned that doesn't fit into any imaginable category. who are all the people who sit in front of their monitors and participate in this inconceivable exchange of information? voyeurs. men, women, children, senior citizens and everything in between, who look forward to clicking about, can be compared to a young boy sneaking into his sister's room to read his sister's diary. no, the internet doesn't hide her webpages under her bed, or behind her dresser, but we are provided with a chance to peek into the lives of other individuals anonymously. i, like millions of other internet browsers (the actual people, not the software), sit every morning and step through my bookmarks and peruse multiple websites without letting the author know of my presence aside from another tick-mark to their 'page views' tally. i am the epitome of the apathetic internet user. even on my social network account, i rarely comment or even "like" a post or image. but thats most of the appeal of the internet for us. we get to peek into the pages of people we know without their knowledge of the act. so heres my page for everyone to sneak in and read. hopefully you get something out of it. :P